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Learn 2 Blog Effectively with Edublogs

Currently I am participating in the 30-day Edublog Teacher Challenge
which is an online blogging staff development.

And we have ONE more week to go.

Whew... What a learning curve!

But I have learned sooooo much!

My goal is to come away from this staff development with enhanced blogging skills that will make my blog more effective in being a good resource for teachers, students, and even parents. The most effective aspect of this whole adventure with Edublog is that you are surrounded with excited beginning and advanced bloggers who are willing to share their thoughts, ideas, suggestions, challenges and their blogs with you on this journey to becoming that awesome blogger.

Wow... What more can you ask for?


We are currently working on Activity 6 - Enhancing Post by Embedding Images.
I have always thought that I am pretty good with working in images throughout my work with using technology. However, every blogging activity has made my prior skills look amateurish. LOL... and I am loving the challenge.

Are you interested in becoming a better blogger? Its not too late.
Join the Edublog Teacher Challenge and develop a blog that teachers feel is worth following.


  1. I think my biggest challenge is updating my blog regularly. I get so busy with the day to day requirements of teaching and then realize that with all of the activities we have done in class I have completely forgotten to post them to the blog. My goal next year is to be more diligent about posting at least once a week.

  2. Having the kids read the blog and use it to find different pages that they are looking for makes my day a lot easier. I don't have to write any websites down they just have to remember our class blog.

  3. The biggest challenge is to remember to blog and to post pictures. The students are using it, but I need to update it.