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Mobile Blogging

Have you thought of making a blog that was exclusively done from your phone?

YouTube Video Link:


  1. G'day Reba,
    There are some people taking part in the 365 challenge who are using which allows posting from mobile technology. I think you can also do it with edublogs blogs - have to tick a box somewhere in the settings.

    But as I don't have a mobile phone, I haven't learnt about that yet.

  2. G'day again Reba,
    When embedding a YouTube video you might need to choose the smaller version so it fits nicely in the blog and not overlap your sidebar.

    Often you can go into the widget or HTML in your post and change the numbers for width and height so they fit the blog column.

  3. Hello Miss W,

    Thank you for the important tips. You may not have a phone but you are giving others and myself some tips that we can definitely use for blogging.

    I use Posterous also. I like that you can post so easily from your email. But I have not tried to post from it using my phone's emailing feature. I am going to try it out.

  4. Thank you SO MUCH Miss W!!

    I was wondering why video did not fit inside the blogging area. That hanging over was driving me crazy but I did not know how to fix the problem. THANKS! I will work on correcting that this week.

  5. Thank You Miss W!

    I fixed the sizes of my YouTube videos. Wow, my posts look much better.
    I had overlapping videos on my posts titled:
    1. “Epson Ultra Short-Throw Interactive Projector.”
    This projector allows you to have an interactive board anywhere and anytime. Even on a blank wall. How cool.
    2. – This web-based tool turns your Facebook entries into your personal newspaper.

    Check them out when you have time.

    And again, thank you for visiting my blog. Do you have a blog or website I could visit?