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Learning 2 Use Widgets Effectively

This week in the Teacher Challenge with Edublogs we are learning how to get more out of our widgets on our sidebar. 

Well.. Here was my strategy before I placed any widgets on my blog.   I had to think about who would be my readers and would they even be interested in my widgets. So first I embedded the common ones Twitter and the subscription option. 

But from my Twitter, I learned of two interesting websites and embedded their widgets.

Widget 1: “Let Say Thanks”
This site provides visitors electronic Thank You Cards, created by children, which you can personalize and they would randomly send the cards to individual U.S. Troopers.
Badge link:

Widget 2:   “FlyLadyTools” which is powered by BlogTalkRadio.

These are daily humorous and informative podcast episodes of helpful hints on how to get your day moving and organized while being being busy with your families and/or careers. You have three widget choices in which you can embed a player into your blog: Single Player, Multi-Player, or Add a Button.
Widget link:


  1. Thanks for sharing these sites. I think it is great that you got some advice from twitter, followed it up and then added the widgets to your sidebar. Class blogs especially look great with widgets and students really love variety, interactivity and media. The blogtalkradio especially looks interesting. Have you listened to any of their broadcasts? I like your twitter widget as well. Have you had that on your sidebar before the teacher blog challenge?

  2. Hello murcha,
    Thanks for the comment. And yes to both your questions.

    I did have the animated singing bird as my twitter widget before the challenge.

    And I love listening to the blogtalkradio episodes by FlyLadyTools.
    I discussed her episodes in my Dec.22nd post:
    "Got Company Coming in an Hour" Link: