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Dear Techie Lab Teacher,

I was setting up my livebinders and wanted to create a subtab under subtab.
How do I do that?   Can I do that?


Dear Livebinder Question,

Unfortunately you are NOT able to make a subtab under a subtab.  You are only able to add an additional subtab to left and to the right of that subtab.  I wish that feature was available as well.

Yours Truly,
        Techie Lab Teacher

BELOW is a video tutorial for anyone needing assistance in making a subtab
in LiveBinders:

A Suitcase Full of Resources

Review the following tech tools and see if you can fit them into your existing suitcase of tools.

Apps Apps Apps - Which Do You Choose?

My iPad App Reviews or Evaluations or Suggestions

I decided that I needed to record my evaluations of the MANY iPad apps that I review as I develop my  iPad integration lessons.  There are soooo many apps.  You may find 10 apps that work on a specific skill and every teacher is different in regards to what technology tools they prefer to use.  As a member of our iPad Grant Team, we look at apps, try them out and report their value to the team.  Some of us are trying them out on students and getting their opinions, as well.  But my reviews were only shared in our meeting minutes.  Therefore, I decided to discuss the apps in this blog so that it will be more useful.  So here I am...letting you know what is out there and whether it worked or failed.

Today I am going into a 1st grade class and a Special Education classroom. I will introduce some apps that can enhance or assist with their language arts and math curriculum.  Two weeks ago, our entire student body had their first iPad experience during their computer lab sessions, in what we call our iTiger Academic Lab.   Click iTiger iPad Lab Logo Contest and view our iPad Logo Activity and iPad Pilot Dry Run Labs.

So today will be their 2nd experience.  I will review some past apps and introduce several new ones in order to evaluate their effectiveness.  (SEE below)

Notes coming later today.....It is still morning Lol!