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5-Step Writing Process

What a wonderful way to have students review their learning of the writing process. You as their teacher can easily listen and evaluate them for their level of understanding.


VoiceThread is an excellent web-based tool for your students to hold discussions and display their thinking and if schools choose share it with the world. This is a collaborative, multimedia slide show that holds images, documents, and videos. Viewers can navigate through the slides and comments left by others the same as you do with a video player application.

Comments can be left in 5 formats:
  • Voice (via mic or telephone)
  • Text
  • Audio file (ex: mp3 - use Garageband or Audacity)
  • video (via web cam or recorded through Photobooth- (Mac app) )
Other wonderful features:
  • Users can doodle while presenting or commenting.
  • Students can upload their actual photo or avatars
  • Teachers can moderate comments
VoiceThread projects can be:
  • embedded and automatically refresh as new comments are added.
  • exported to MP3 players or DVDs to play as stand alone video

This application is not just for students, teachers use this tool as well for collaborations, mentoring, and facilitating staff developments.

Are you ready to try VoiceThread with your students and co-workers to enhance your learning environment?

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