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2010 DEN Fall Virtual Conference
Discovery Education Network

I intended to publish my entry about this event earlier, but I am really new to blogging. And... I am learning that old news gets old very fast. So my blog date and publish date are not the same. LOL!

But anyway....On Saturday, Oct. 23rd, I also attended an all day technology conference from my bed.

How? Virtually.

Discovery Education Network (DEN) held their Fall Virtual Conference on that Saturday for 6 hours. Over 1000 educators from all over the world were in attendance. Some educators met at designated conference hotspots, but most of us enjoyed and learned virtually. You were able to gain updated and innovated technology lessons.

Check out the recorded sessions: (MPEG4- video format)

Now that I have attended two virtual conferences within two months - Do you think it will be the trend of professional developments in the future? Let me know your thoughts.

As you know, I love to give links to SOME of my favorite sessions (see below).

Digital Storytelling in a Web 2.0 World
Whitney Mihoulides - -

Out of This World Ideas for Showcasing Student Work
Porter Palmer - -

Ten Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do with Video – and Two You Did
Hall Davidson - -

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