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Literacy Cafe Ideas

As I work with assisting teachers with their Balanced Literacy programs, I have run across so many wonderful teacher ideas and classroom management routines. I will periodically begin posting their ideas and links to their sites for you to visit.

Teaching is such a WONDERFUL Collaborative Environment, where we all LOVE to share as we all work on improving our teaching practices and supporting other teachers. 

Here are some of the Literacy Cafe resources I located this week:

 1. A Literacy Cafe classroom poster that I found weeks ago and took a screenshot.
 (SEE at the bottom of this post.  Sorry I cannot remember where I found this photo.)

2. Literacy Cafe Video: How to Use CAFÉ: Involving Students in Building Essential Reading Skills by The Balanced Literacy Diet

3.  Blog: Lesson with Laughter - Molly Maloy
Twitter:  @mollymmaloy
This blog displays a very comprehensive way to develop a student literacy portfolios.

4. Need Bulletin Board Headings? site provides FREE heading posters for you to download, along with many other liteacy teacher resources.

5.  Literacy Cafe Documents for Teacher Reference and Instruction

a) Titled:  The Literacy Cafe Menu
by  The CAFE Book: Engaging All Students in Daily Literacy Assessment and Instruction by Gail Boushey and Joan Moser, " The Sisters."

b) Titled: CAFE Transition Menu by Karen Sekeres
(Beverly Hills Unified School District)

c) Titled:  Stanima Graphs for Reading & Writing
by by Karen Sekeres (Beverly Hills Unified School District)

Literacy Cafe Classroom Posters for a Bulletin Board

Spark Students' Interest in NASA

Sign up FREE with the NASA Explorer School Program. Spark your students' interest in STEM subjects with the help from NASA.

Also you could also gain an opportunity to have your students share their learning and projects at Kennedy or Johnson Space Center before scientists and engineers.

 What a Once in a Lifetime experience. 
 View this presentation and see the SPARKS!


Story Elements - Jeopardy Game (iPad Friendly)

Another meaningful Balanced Literacy activity for students.

This is an excellent jeopardy game I found on the Internet
 (Author Unknown)

I just upgraded the slides, added linkage between the slides,    and added a Story Elements Resource Slide at the end of the game.

Your students will LOVE this game and learn at the same time.  

Download this presentation and OR play it directly from here.

Special Note:  Make sure you read the Teacher Directions on (Slide 2) to ensure maximum fun with the interactive capabilities.

Here is the link to the "Jeopardy Theme Song"

You can visit my "Diary of an iPad Grant Team" for other iPad Friendly lessons or activities.

Jeopardy_[LanguageArts]_Version 2

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