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Yes, I am Still Teaching and Loving Every Minute

One of my former students (20+ years old and about to get married) found me on Facebook (HOW I don't know - I just opened the account that day and we don 't have mutual friends). Wow, the powerfulness of Facebook. But anyway in her first post on my wall she stated she was happy to find one of her favorite teacher (can you see me smiling - LOL) and then she asked, "Are you still teaching?" And.... my first response was Yes, and Loving Every Minute!!

This is the absolute truth. I can't see myself doing anything else besides helping, teaching, facilitating, and motivating young people so that they can be successful and productive citizens in our society. I hope that I can give them enough tools to overcome any obstacle they may face with an empowered sense of self. Well... here I go into another exciting year of teaching.

I hope that EACH and EVERY teacher has a wonderful and successful school year. Teach something NEW and EXCITING this year......I AM!

~ The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows. ~
Sydney J. Harris (American Journalist)