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Why All Learners Need Laptops Now!
Credit: Twitter - @wirededucator
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1. textbooks are expensive
2. textbooks are heavy
3. textbook history is incomplete
4. schools are poor
5. digital curriculum is plentiful
6. media is powerful
7. laptops are affordable
8. not all kids learn the same
9. learning should be differentiated
10. hyperlinked writing is powerful
11. creativity is essential
12. learning is 24/7
13. your competitors have them already
14. better windows into learning
15. education is about empowerment
16. republics need critical thinkers
17. our kids deserve them
18. laptops today are equivalent to needing paper and pencil yesterday
19. teachers/students are shackled by the contents of traditional textbooks
20. Students need to be able to connect with others around the world
21. Students need to be able to collaborate electronically with others
22. Students need to be able to use Web 2.0 Tools to learn and problem solve
23. Learning needs to be anytime, anywhere and move at the speed that students want.
24. Students are usually not allowed to use the technology in their Laptops!
25. Because learning doesn’t stop at 3:30
26. Because we should be using less paper
27. They are a good motivational tool
28. They facilitate access to an authentic environment & authentic audience
29. They provide an excellent medium for shared learning/project based learning
30. They are a mobile, versatile discovery vehicle tailor-made for experiencing learning opportunities
31. The screen of an Internet-connected laptop is a window to the world’s information
32. They are a great way for students to teach their teachers.
33. Students will begin to push their own learning.
34. Teachers will also see more authentic work.

1. Wesley Fryer, Denton, Texas, USA
2. Al Steeves, Rothesay, New Brunswick, Canada
3. Chris O’Neal, Charlottesville, Virginia, USA
4. Terry Kaminski, Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada
5. Trisha Andersen, Loveland, Colorado, USA
6. Mike Renne, Greensboro, North Carolina, USA
7. Jeannie Chiasson, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
8. Camilla Elliott, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
9. T. Lewis, New Brunswick, Canada
10. Pam Lowe, Missouri, USA
11. Kurt Paccio, Nazareth, Pennsylvania, USA
12. Kern Kelley, Newport, Maine, USA
13. Reba Gordon Matthews, California, USA

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1. SlideShare by Wesley Fryer: 1-2 September 2010
2. Techie Teacher Blogspot: 13 December 2010

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