Free Technology for Teachers

Turns Tweets Into Newspapers will turn your personal tweeter streams into your OWN daily newspaper.

This app will incorporate stories, live links, video, and photos in an easy to read newspaper. It will update your newspaper daily. You can send the link to your newspaper to your friends and followers on a daily basis. You can also embed your twitter newspaper into your blog. is an app for Twitter and Facebook. However, I found this app difficult to use with Facebook and chose as an excellent alternative. Read the previous post entry regarding the PostPost application for creating a Facebook newspaper.

But YOU be the judge.


  1. Your blog posts are so interesting and can be read and followed easily. I loved this idea of collecting your tweets in Newspaper form. I have added one to my blog and I love it. A great way to browse all the great ideas that come via Twitter. Thank you. I look forward to more great ideas from your blog.

  2. Thanks Pam N,
    I am new at blogging but am learning so much from participating in the Teacher Blogging Challenge.
    I am glad you enjoyed reading my posts. My goal is to develop a blog that can be a resource to others. Do you have a blog? I would like to visit yours. Thanks again.

  3. Sounds great...Thanks for such as posts...Keep updating..