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ScreenToaster IS BACK - Oh My! of the best screen capturing web-based tools...SCREENTOASTER...IS BACK.

It has an excellent hosting feature and is very user-friendly. This tool was gone for awhile and we fans had to push on and explore and look for another alternative. And off I went....

Below are 3 web-based alternatives that I had read about on various blogs. But none have compared to Screentoaster at this time.

Screenr - Instant screencasting forTwitter.

ScreenCastle - One-Click screen capturing tool and you are recording.

Screencast-o-matic - (aka "Screencasts")
This is one of the first screencasting web-based applications.

Read more about these tools on Richard Byrne's blog, "Free Technology for Teachers"

Please leave your comments on what other screencasting tools you found. Good luck with your search.

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