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February 1, 2010
June 1, 2010
October 15, 2010

The following grants are available:

Learning & Leadership Grants
Amount: $2000 (Individuals)
$5000 (Group Collegial Study Projects)
Opportunities for teachers to engage in professional development and facilitate staff developments for their colleagues.

Eligible Individual Study Projects:
  • Summer Institutes
  • Action Research
Eligible Group Study Projects:
  • Collegial Study
  • Mentoring Experiences for New Teachers/Faculty
  • Study Groups
  • Action Research
  • Lesson Study
Student Achievement Grants:
Amount: $5000
Funding to assist teachers in providing instruction to improve academic achievement by engaging students in critical thinking & problem solving lessons that will strengthen their knowledge and meet state standards.

Suggested Proposals:
Assisting low-income or minority students with honors/
advancement placement courses/ or challenging curricula.


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