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2011 Global Education Conference

Yes, I was up at 4:00 a.m participating in this week's 2011 Global Education Conference.

Am I sleepy? You bet, but I am well fed with knowledge I can walk in the door TODAY and practice with my students.

I attended several sessions yesterday and a few this morning. However I listened to the recording of keynote speaker Alan November. Very thought provoking and he turned me onto a video where a presenter and college professor (will input his name later - too early in the mornining) discussed "PEER INSTRUCTION" & The Flipped Classroom Model".

These two concepts together would have our students taking ownership of their learning and retaining the information for deeper learning. I am going to share these
ideas and suggestions with my iPad Grant Committee.  This could be one of the driving forces for integrating iPads into the daily curriculum and using them in a more purposeful and innovative manner.

I will add more to this post later, but I must shower and take my sleepy self to work and enjoy facilitating learning today. You noticed I didin't say teach. I must not have been as sleepy as I thought. I LEARNED SOMETHING. Lol!

 If you haven't gotten to the 2011 Global Education Conference yet, read below and get the link. It will happen all week (Nov. 14- 18) and it runs 24 hours a day. That's right, you have time to pop in and learn a little. Click on your time zone and begin the learning and connecting with some really great people.

I will add the links to several of the articles and videos associated with each session and post later today.  And please pardon any grammatical errors, remember I was up EARLY trying to get some knowledge (Lol!). 


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