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60 MINUTES Discusses iPad Apps for Autism

This 60 Minutes episode, "APPS For Autism" was one of the excellent displays how the iPad has greatly assisted people with autism and opened up their world to communicate with others.

This episode hit home because our school is in its first year of full inclusion and I am leading an iPad grant committee.  Our first task is to review apps that will service our ENTIRE student population, which includes our autistic student group.  These apps have not only opened many educators and parents eyes on what knowledge has been bottled up inside these precious children, but are now their VOICE to the world for those afflicted with silence.  How Marvelous!

Full education inclusion has brought wonderful acceptance from our general education students as I watch them assist their new classmates who come to the classroom a variety of disabilities.  With full inclusion, teachers are also presented with some educational challenges as they design lessons that will ensure that ALL their students receive the high quality of education they deserve.

The iPad Apps featured in this episode will greatly help our iPad grant writing committee make some decisions when choosing those assistive technology apps that will provide both routine and customized access to the general curricula and cooperative inclusion for students with disabilities. 

I am still a PC lover, but Thanks Steve Jobs! Your vision has really impacted the world.

iPad Apps Featured in this episode:


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