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The 2010 Global Education Conference
A 5-day- 24 hour Education Conference
A Global Blast!


The 2010 Global Education Conference has ended. What a fantastic learning event! This conference provided learning around the world clock for over thirity-thousands logins for five wonderful days. I would like to thank conference co-chairs Steve Hargadon and Lucy Gray for all their hard work. Steve Hargadon is the founder of Classroom 2.0 social network and Lucy Gray is the founder of Global Education Collaborative network.

I am still catching up on my sleep. Zzzzzzz.....

In this virtual learning environment I was able to learn from educators from all over the world about a variety of learning/teaching topics. I was able to walk away with a huge toolbox of web tools and an enlighten view on the purpose of global connections among our students. It is important for educators, as myself, to assist students in having a global perspective in order to problem-solve many of our world's issues. It is our responsibility to provide an active global learning environment where our students can gain the knowledge and skills needed to have a broader global perspective.

Below are SOME (and believe me these are just SOME) of my favorite sessions. There were so many I could have discussed, but I it would take to five days - LOL!

As a treat, I got the wonderful opportunity to moderate the following session, which I also recommend for viewing:
Presenter: Charles Kilfoye
He provided an excellent session on the equipment, applications and resources needed to be a successful online educator with a high quality and engaging learning environment.

My other favorites....

Presenter: Sue Wyatt
Get your students involved in this bi-annual global blogging challenge. Your students will have the opportunity to interact through their blogs with other students/classes from around the world. Blog themes will include "BAD" (blog action day) and "One Day On Earth".
Deadline December 3, 2010.

Presenter: William Theobald
Website Resources: ePals, Skype, and Wikispaces
This session encourages teachers to connect their classroom to the world and explains how global connections can assist with teaching Geography, Cultural Studies, English as a Second Language (ESL), and meeting Technology Standards.

Presenter: Akesha Horton
Currently working on her Ph.D in Sydney, Austrilia via Fulbright-mtvU-Fellowship Program sponsored the U.S. Department of State.
Some of her research questions are:
- - "How do urban youth in the 21st century define global citizenship?"
- - "What does it mean to be a global citizen?"

Presenters: Joanne Kaminski and Jan Wells
This session discusses how to use Skype as an additional tool for teaching and connecting with classrooms and other professionals around the globe.
- - IDROO - A Whiteboard for Skype

Presenters: Jay Graham & Rod Murphy
This objective of this session is to assist educators in using VoiceThread as a tool to allow students to share their ideas and experiences with those within their school and other schools around the globe.

Presenter: Rita Zeinstejer
This session discusses meaningful ways of exposing language learners to authentic situations that will assist them in developing their language skills. It discusses how to use microblogging, wikis, videos, and other collaborative tools to get students interacting, exhanging culture and sharing experiences through the language they learned.

Presenter: Lisa Thumann
This information packed session will give you a quick tour of how to use Google Docs, Forms, and Sites as tools to facilitate and foster Global collaboration.

Presenter: Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano
This session informs educators on the importance of keeping our students globally aware and connected. Participants are given the steps on how to become globally connected and what tools are available.

Presenter: Patti Duncan
Learn about the resources available through Discovery Education Network (DEN) that will assist STEM educators in sharpening their students thinking and problem solving skills.

Presenter: Gayle Berthiaume
It is a "small world" and learn ways to use digital photography, podcasts, social networking, and other Internet resources to engage students in global activities that will promote collaboration and global citizenship.
Additional suggested resources:
- - (for upper grade teachers)
- - Wiggio - Easiest way to work in groups
- - Sesame -Where Kids Shape the World

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